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(Pocket-lint) - Citroën has unveiled the new C4, including an electric version - the ë-C4 - blending crossover styling with an attractive coupé style rear.

The car adopts the company's chevron design that's been branding the front of its vehicle for the last few years. It's an interesting car, very much in tune with current trends.

Citroën is really pushing comfort with this car, with progressive hydraulic suspension and new seating aiming to make this the smoothest ride you'll find. There's uniqueness in the interior, with Citroën saying that this car offers the most knee room for the second row, again, emphasising comfort and family practicality.

But most people are probably going to be drawn to the little tech shelf that's available for the passenger. This will pop out and let you prop an iPad or similar tablet at the front of the car so you can watch it on the move without having to hold onto it. 

Citroën goes further, saying that it's firmly held in place, so it's not going to topple out under hard breaking - and will move out of the way if there's an emergency and the airbag needs to be deployed. It's certainly unique and again adds convenience and that family feel.

The Citroën C4 will offer a digital driver display paired with an integrated 10-inch central display, while there's little hallmarks of Citroën design littered through the interior choice of materials.

CitroenCitroen eC4 photo 2

There's a smart head-up display, you'll get smartphone connectivity, as well as the inclusion of a wireless charging pad for your devices, although we're not sure how all the tech and the trim breaks down.

Moving to the specifics of the powertrain, with a 50kWh battery, which Citroën says will offer 350km of range (which is just over 210 miles). There's a 100kW motor, equating to around 136hp.

While Citroën hasn't revealed the charging specifics, it has confirmed that you'll get 100km from 10 minutes on a charger, so we're guessing that it's 100kW compatible. While this range isn't huge in a car that's pitched towards families, it does provide an option for those who want a bigger electric car, without having to pay those higher prices for bigger battery vehicles.

CitroenCitroen eC4 photo 3

There will also be petrol and diesel version of the C4.

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Orders will be opening up towards the end of the summer - prices still to be confirmed - and the new C4 should be on the road before the end of 2020.

Writing by Chris Hall.