Although homegrown motors are facing a crisis in the States, Chrysler Group has announced record sales outside of North America.

Continuing Grand Voyager and Grand Cherokee sales, couple with addition of fresh models such as the 300C and Dodge Caliber have helped push overall unit sales up 5% compared to September 2005 to more than 20,000 units. The ever-lasting Grand Cherokee accounted for the highest percentage of sales with 3760 sold.

Dodge brand sales doubled outside the US this year. After 4 months of availability outside of the US, the Dodge Caliber is among the top-three selling vehicles. The ludicrously named Dodge Nitro hits dealer showrooms in 2007, followed by a D-segment vehicle and a souped-up Caliber.

A Chrysler Group spokesman said: “We have a few more products that will be available in the fourth quarter of this year, and plenty to come in 2007, so we are optimistic about the opportunity for this positive trend to continue”.

Chrysler Group currently sells tin in more than 125 countries.