One of last year’s best cars is getting even better after Chrysler announced the 300C will soon be available as a fully pimped SRT-8.

Despite being tackily American, the gangsta-bling 300C looks amazing, has a decent enough ride and a boot that comfortably accommodate a stash of semi-automatic weapons and four dead Mafiosi.

Now the maker’s Street and Racing Technology division has got its hands on the awesome V8-powered 300C HEMI and spooned in a massive 425bhp, turning what was already a mighty machine into a 168mph saloon capable of reaching 60mph from a standstill in 5 seconds flat. Engine capacity goes from 5.7 litres to 6.1 and power is boosted by 25%.

The interior gets a sporty makeover as well as external tweaks such as vents, ducts, large-bore exhausts and massive 20in aluminium rims. It also gets a (much needed) Brembo racing-style braking system, fatter roll-bars, re-tuned stability programme and 13mm lopped off its overall height.

The SRT-8 is available from this month for just £39,000.