Loc8tor has partnered with Chevrolet to produce the K.I.T.T.Y, which stands for the not-at-all clumsy: Key Innovation That Talks to You.

This nattily named device is a handy "handbag-sized" (so it's clear where they're aiming it) gadget that triggers a loud pre-recorded, personalised message from under the bonnet of your car, e.g.: "Your car is over here. Yoo-hoo, over here". Seriously.

This makes it easier, says the company, for drivers (read: idiots) to locate their misplaced vehicle.

Almost unbelievably, Chevrolet recently commissioned a survey which found that over five and a half million motorists – that's one in five – lose their car at least once a fortnight.

The K.I.T.T.Y uses wireless technologies and directional, visual and audio cues to help guide users to their vehicle, as long as they are within 600 foot.

The K.I.T.T.Y will be trialed in various Chevrolet initiatives over the coming months.