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(Pocket-lint) - Building on the popularity of the Chevy Bolt, Chevrolet has launched a new model - the Bolt EUV.

While the regular Bolt gets a facelift to give it a refreshed appearance, the introduction of the new model will be of interest to those who want something a little larger. It picks up on SUV styling - hence the EUV name - some 6-inches longer than the original Bolt model and getting functional features like roof rails, while there's 3-inches more legroom for rear passengers.

The Bolt EUV is also available with Super Cruise, Chevy's competitor to Tesla's Autopilot, promising a level of autonomy on compatible roads, of which Chevy say there are over 200,000 miles worth across the US and Canada. Of course, you'll have to stay in control of the vehicle at all times, with a driver attention system in place to make sure you're staying attentive.

ChevroletChevy expands the Bolt family with the Bolt EUV, an electric utility vehicle photo 3

Both Bolt models sit on a 65kWh battery, with the new model coming in slightly lower in the predicted range thanks to its increased size and weight, Chevy claim that the Bolt EUV is good for 250 miles, which is a good workable range. There's also an 8-year, 100,000 miles warranty on this battery.

There's a single motor providing 150kW/200HP.

The Bolt EUV comes with multi-purpose charging cable, with the ability to change the connector so that it's suitable both for charging from a 120V domestic wall socket, or a 240V wallbox at 7.2kW, meaning there's no need to buy an additional cable.

Although the cars share the same name, Chevy points out that they don't share any common exterior panels, so these really are different cars. Internally there's a 10.2-inch infotainment display supporting an 8-inch digital gauge cluster for the driver.

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ChevroletChevy expands the Bolt family with the Bolt EUV, an electric utility vehicle photo 1

There's a one-pedal button to make it possible to drive with minimal brake use, while there's a "regen on demand" paddle on the steering wheel.

There's support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, wireless phone charging, while in-car apps include the likes of Alexa and Spotify to keep you connected on the road.

Perhaps the best news is that the Chevy Bolt is getting cheaper, with the 2021 base price coming in $5000 lower. The Chevy Bolt EV will start at $31,995, while the new Chevy Bolt EUV will start from $33,995 before any incentives are added. They will be available in Summer 2021.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 15 February 2021.