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(Pocket-lint) - At the Detroit Auto Show 2015 a new concept car has been unveiled in the Chevrolet Bolt that offers an impressive 200-mile range in a compact car.

The Chevvy Bolt, unlike the hybrid Volt already available, uses a completely electric drive train to power the car. Since this is a concept details are still fairly scarce but that 200-mile range is enough to get us interested. Sure it might not be that attractive but as a small pure electric vehicle it's certainly got what it needs under the hood for range.

The Chevrolet Volt has already proved popular offering a range of 380 miles but this is a hybrid where the electric engine can only manage around 35 miles on a charge. So to go full electric and still have an impressive 200-mile range seems like a good move by Chevrolet – as a city car offering if nothing else.

The other impressive factor of the Bolt is its price which is claimed to be around $30,000 when the concept becomes a reality. That's about £20,000 which would equate to £15,000 when you minus the UK government incentive.

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Of course since this is just a concept being shown off at a car show we can't offer a timeline for its release. That said Chevrolet has promised five new passenger cars for its range in 2015, here's hoping we see the Bolt soon then.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.