BMW has shown its new Concept CS grand tourer. A four-seat, four-door coupe, if it hit the market it would be a direct rival to the Merc CLS.

The CS is 400mm wider 67mm longer than standard 7 Series. It’s gets a reworking of the classic kidney grille design and under the bonnet sits a 5.0-litre V10. Rear-facing LED lights at the front project a beam onto a smooth reflective surface, which in turn burns a precise beam on the road ahead resulting in plenty of illumination without dazzling oncoming motorists.

Massive 21in rims and sexy haunches complete the styling highlights on the outside, while inside the CS has strange layered surfaces and clearly defined joints that make it look a little like a jigsaw puzzle. The idea is that interior illumination and air-conditioning will come from the gaps rather than bespoke vents or light clusters.

Sports seats for all four occupants have a height-adjustable collar and integrate the car’s entertainment and communication features, which can be set independently for each user.