The Government has launched a new campaign designed to encourage drivers to reduce their vehicle's carbon dioxide emissions.

Launching the first phase of the Act on CO2 campaign, an initiative aimed at tackling climate change, transport minister Gillian Merron said emissions from cars could be reduced by eight per cent if every motorist followed the campaign's smarter driving tips.

"Climate change will affect us all, but we can all do our bit to help tackle it. Little changes can make a big difference - and this campaign is all about giving drivers practical tips to help them make that real difference", she claimed.

"Put quite simply, the way we drive can help to reduce our impact on the environment and by using less fuel, motorists can save money too."

The Government believes Britain's motorists could save over £2billion a year in fuel costs by following advice on the campaign's website. Advice includes inflating tyres correctly, changing up a gear earlier whenever possible to reduce engine revs and limiting the amount of weight carried by the vehicle to reduce fuel consumption.

Drivers can calculate their own potential savings by entering their annual mileage, fuel cost details and the number of miles per gallon achieved by their vehicle into the website's calculator.