It doesn’t seem that long ago that BMW introduced the 1 Series, but they’re already updating it.

Due in spring, the refreshed 1 Series gets a more fuel efficient model and, most drastically, a three-door version.

Technologies such as Brake Energy Regeneration, Automatic Start-Stop function and Electric Power Steering are combined with less resistant tyres and a gearshift change indicator to encourage economical motoring.

The BMW 118d, BMW’s most economical car, manages a record 60.1mpg figure thanks to these features in conjunction with the use of further lightweight engineering. The car now has an aluminium crankcase to save weight. Aside from the awesome BMW Hydrogen 7, the 118d also posts the lowest ever CO2 emissions of any BMW – just 123g/km. Despite this, engines across the range will have 20bhp more power on tap.

On the shell, the five-door model gets a larger kidney grille, a slightly restyled bumper but not much else. The inside hasn’t changed that much either. But the three-door works a treat, removing that strangely truncated profile on the five-door and giving it the coupe feel you know it always should have had.