The new BMW 3 Series convertible has been revealed - and Pocket-Lint is sad to say that it’s one of the most ghastly vehicles to come out Germany since the Tiger tank.

The bizarre-looking creation, with its slabby sides, fat arse and ludicrous rear overhang will be available from spring - initially in 325i and 335i guises only. Smaller-engined and diesel-powered variants will hit the market later in 2007.

Aside from the, erm, challenging looks, the 3 Series drop-top will at least be the usual mix of BMW genius, technology and over-pricing. The fourth-generation of the car will - for the first time on a BMW - feature a folding hard roof, which can be stowed or raised in a rather slow 22 seconds. It does give you much improved visibility compared to the older soft-top model, though, and with 210 litres of boot capacity even with the top down, you’ll still have space for a few golf clubs and/or guns.

You can also get the world’s first sun-reflective leather upholstery, which protects your seats - and your elbows - from the ravages of the solar system’s powerplant. Special pigments embedded into the leather help reflect infra-red radiation ensuring treated areas that are exposed to sunlight for a prolonged period can remain up to 20 degrees cooler compared to untreated leather.

The open-top 325i (£33,030) covers the 62mph sprint in 7.6 seconds and will get you up to 152mph while still posting economy of 35.8mpg. The 335i (£37,895), with its twin-turbo 3.0-litre engine, will propel you to 62mph in 5.8 seconds and its 306 horses will push to the electronically limited 155mph top whack.

Despite the gizmos and the cred, the looks might prove too challenging for many bankers and their bonuses.