Green motorists out there will have another choice of what car to drive with the announcement that the Microcar-ZENN, an electric car manufactured in France and developed in partnership with Canada’s Feel Good Cars is coming to the UK.

Available in both a two and four seater form, the car offers speeds of around 20mph, and a range of 60 miles on a single charge. Furthermore, because of its green credentials owners will also avoid having to pay the congestion charge meaning it will be ideal for commuting around the capital.

Microcar-ZENN’s importer says it offers many of the features that have up till now been missing from the sub-£8000 EV market, including regenerative braking and optional lithium ion battery power.

Microcar compact low-emission urban vehicles are manufactured in France and distributed in the UK through over 60 dealerships by Microcar UK.

The range also includes EFi petrol models in both two and four seat versions that offer fuel efficiencies of 60 plus MPG, starting at on the road prices of £6495.