The BMW i7 gets redesigned, with electric leading the charge

There's a brand new BMW 7 Series and the i7 version - the electric model - is launching first. (image credit: BMW)
The exterior design isn't too futuristic, instead being rather more conventional with tweaks, like narrowed headlights and recessed door release catches. (image credit: BMW)
The interior is all about luxury, finished to the highest standard with BMW Operating System 8 running the show and loads of tech. (image credit: BMW)
There's a 31-inch 8K screen in the back - powered by Fire TV - that can provide cinema-like intertainment for those in the back seats. (image credit: BMW)
Not only do you have heated armrests, but there's a touch display so you get complete control. (image credit: BMW)
There's a 101.7kWh battery, offering 310 miles of range, with 400kW all-wheel drive. It charges at 195kW. (image credit: BMW)
The BMW 7 Series is aimed at VVIPs and its available to order from $119,300. Other combustion versions will be available from 2023. (image credit: BMW)