BMW shows off colour-changing car at CES 2022

BMW has shown off a colour-changing car at CES 2022. The car is coated in a wrap integrating E Ink technology. (image credit: BMW)
E Ink is the technology in the Amazon Kindle display, allowing a change of pigment when a small charge is applied. (image credit: BMW)
That allows this skin on the BMW concept to move between light and dark pigments at the press of a button. (image credit: BMW)
As the skin is applied in segments, you could potentially select any exterior pattern you wanted on the car. (image credit: BMW)
Of course, you're thinking that the natual use case is changing the colour of your getaway car from white to black... (image credit: BMW)
BMW is showing off the concept to demonstrate what can be done, but you're unlikely to be able to spec this up on your next Beemer. (image credit: BMW)
The colour-changing car has been one of the highlight stories from CES 2022, the huge technology show in Las Vegas. (image credit: BMW)

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