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(Pocket-lint) - It was in November 2018 that BMW revealed the BMW Vision iNext, promising a fully-electric and fully-autonomous car that would hit the roads in 2021.

BMW appears to be sticking to the timeline, with the launch of the production version of this future-facing car due for 11 November.

When is the BMW iNext event?

The BMW launch will take place on Wednesday 11 November at 2pm CET. Here are the global times:

  • London - 13:00 GMT
  • New York - 08:00 EST
  • San Francisco - 05:00 PST
  • Tokyo - 22:00 JST
  • Sydney - 00:00 AEDT, 12 Nov

Can I watch the BMW iNext reveal online?

Yes, BMW will be sharing plenty of information to get you involved in the reveal. There's an official microsite for the event - at http://www.bmw.com/nextgen but we don't know if it will also be streamed on YouTube, we suspect that it will - and we'll embed it once it goes live.

What to expect from the BMW iNext launch

We're expecting a large SUV type design - like the concept - although we're expecting a slightly more conventional interior from that shown in the concept. However, we're not expecting the BMW iNext to just be a reworked X7 - we're expecting the production model to be more along the lines of the BMW i3, which could be a little more exciting.

While a fully-electric SUV will be no surprise (the BMW iX3 has already been announced), the autonomy of the vehicle was one of the talking points of the concept model. That will be governed by the legalities of the system, but it will be interesting to see what is possible.

To help build the excitement, BMW will be hosting a virtual event, with a six-part series exploring BMW's development of future cars called Chasing iNext. These will start rolling-out from 4pm (CET) on 10 November, before the final reveal of the iNext itself.

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That's not all that BMW has on its agenda, as it will also be making announcements from Motorrad and Mini too.

Writing by Chris Hall.
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