(Pocket-lint) - A prototype in the BMW iNext series has completed a new range of tests, designed to ensure it can cope in extreme conditions.

The futuristic, fully-electric SUV will likely not go into full production until 2021, but by then we will know just how durable it can be, with BMW previously undertaking intensive tests in freezing conditions in the polar circle.

Now it has driven BMW iNext prototypes in the Kalahari in Southern Africa, to give the EV a workout in blistering heat and to see how it reacts to solar radiation.

Dust, sand, pebbles and gravel tracks were navigated, to prove the car's drive and suspension components are up to the challenge. They were.

As were the driver assistance systems and digitalisation technology.


"In temperatures that would drain any mobile phone battery in no time at all, the integrated cooling concept for the high-voltage battery, the electric motor and the vehicle electronics of the BMW iNext stand the test," said the company in a news post.

Unfortunately, we won't get to see the latest iteration of the BMW iNext vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show next week as the trade event has been cancelled due to concerns over the coronavirus outbreak.

Instead we're more likely to see an advanced version at a dedicated event later this year.

Writing by Rik Henderson.