(Pocket-lint) - Amazon has announced plans to take Fire TV into the automotive sector with Fire TV Edition for Auto.

The move will see customers able to seamlessly access Fire TV services from the comfort of their car, with BMW and Fiat Chrysler the first to sign up to the new service.

Amazon has confirmed that there's 40 million active users of Fire TV services and moving the offering forward from apps and Amazon's own devices, there's been a growth in partners over the past few years.

That's seen the launch of Fire TV Edition televisions, and more recently a range of Fire TV soundbars, meaning you get all the convenience of the integrated Fire TV service.

These advances are thanks to Amazon's partner programmes and working with Voxx Automotive and Garmin, it's putting Fire TV into cars.

"Adding Fire TV to future BMW vehicles represents a big step in bringing the best of streamed entertainment to our products," said Fathi El-Dwaik, vice president user interaction, BMW Group. 

"With Amazon's approach, and with the help of Garmin, we are able to innovate and create a unique and special experience for BMW cars, providing the consistency of content and customer experience that Fire TV provides in the home." 

That will mean you get hands-free Alexa voice control and touchscreen interaction with Fire TV services, with Amazon confirming that you'll be able to stream over Wi-Fi or via the car's LTE hotspot, as well as able to access content recorded on Fire TV Recast.

This could represent a fairly substantial change for the in-car entertainment offering in the rear seats, moving to streaming over mobile devices, into having the car provide that service for you.

The partnership isn't the first to take streaming TV into cars. In 2019, Tesla announced that it was putting Netflix into its cars, allowing owners to stream content while the car isn't driving. It's a great experience too and useful when charging - we suspect that BMW's plan will be more about passenger entertainment on long journeys, than amusing the waiting driver. 

Writing by Chris Hall.