(Pocket-lint) - BMW has an aggressive road map for future electric vehicles, following on from the BMW i3 and a growing range of plug-in hybrid variants. Future cars will use the fifth-generation eDrive system, that's going to power the i3X, the iNext and the newly-announced BMW i4.

While details about some of these models have been appearing for some time - including extensive concept previewing of the BMW iNext - we've now got some real meat on the bones of BMW's mid-range Gran Coupe, the BMW i4.

Appearing under camouflage, the BMW i4 is going to go up against the Tesla Model 3 and try to draw people back from the Tesla Model S, presenting something that looks very BMW, but offers a fully electric drive system.


The fifth-generation eDrive system is an all-in-one unit, designed to be easily used across a range of different vehicle types. But because so much of the system sits in one housing, BMW say that it is lighter and more efficient and systems of separate parts. The motor (which uses no rare earth minerals) will produce 530bhp.

That will see you get to 62mph in 4 seconds and deliver a top speed of 125mph.

The battery too is denser and more efficient - with BMW saying that there will be a 600km (370 mile) range from the 80kWh battery pack. It will charge at 150kW, meaning you'll get to 80 per cent charge in around 35 minutes, which is great for those travelling longer distances.

These figures all apply to the BMW i4 and sound great - as long as it really delivers something close to that range being suggested.


The same powertrain is going to be used in the BMW iNext, a large SUV designed to be capable of full autonomy, as well as the BMW i3X, which will be the first of these new models to launch in 2020.

The BMW i3X is going to be hugely important for BMW: the X3 is popular thanks to its SUV styling and this new i3X model will slip in as an attractive electric SUV - and there's still not a huge number of those to choose from at the moment.

All eyes turn to 2020 for the electric adventure to roll on.

Writing by Chris Hall.