(Pocket-lint) - BMW has unveiled the latest in its Vision Next series, which now turns its attention to sports cars of the future.

The appropriately-named Vision M Next looks like it has evolved the BMW i8 and certainly the talk of the powertrain suggests that. The Vision M Next is a plug-in hybrid model, offering both electric driving and powerful petrol engine. The combined output is said to be 600ph, taking the car from 0-62 in 3 seconds.

BMW mentions that you could have all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive only and that the electric range would be 100km - so you'll then be able to do most of your daily motoring with zero emissions. 

Of course, this is a concept model and there's no telling if any of that powertrain is realistic and will find its way into a production car. The same too can be said of the interior. 

When BMW launched the Vision iNext that showcased a future SUV, much of the talk was about modes of driving, how you could be fully involved or ease yourself back and let the car do the driving for you. That forms part of BMW's future autonomous driving strategy


The interior of the Vision M Next lands this car firmly back in concept land. BMW says that it has been minimally designed so the driver can completely focus on the road, with a central "Boost Pod" where the steering wheel might normally be. It looks more like something you might find in the Batmobile.

The exterior too is rather interesting. While the BMW i8 has been widely lauded for its futuristic design, the Vision M Next doesn't look to dramatic from the exterior. Colour elements front and rear will raise an eyebrow, while the lines make it look like something from Lamborghini. We're not saying that's a bad thing, but we don't think it looks as modern as the BMW i8 did.

Writing by Chris Hall.