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(Pocket-lint) - BMW has revealed two new plug-in hybrid vehicles designed to combine sportiness, comfort and luxury with short-distance emissions-free capabilities.

Destined to go on sale this spring, the new models will include the BMW 745e and the BMW 745Le xDrive. These new vehicles feature a plug-in hybrid system which includes a six-cylinder in-line petrol engine alongside a new and improved, high-voltage battery. This system is designed to not only improve the power and performance of these vehicles but also to improve the electric range. 

BMW says these new plug-in hybrids will have an all-electric range of around 30 miles depending on driving conditions and that the system will also aid fuel consumption while reducing CO2 emissions.

Both vehicles also offer the performance and power output you'd expect from the 7 series with 0-62mph times at a smidge over five seconds.

Performance has also been improved over previous models in other ways too. Driving in hybrid mode, both models are capable of travelling up to 68mph and the petrol engine is said not to kick in until the vehicle reaches higher speeds or is under heavy acceleration. Even in all-electric mode, they're said to be able to reach 87mph without the need for the petrol engine. 

Fuel consumption figures are also impressive with the BMW 745e managing the 141-123mpg and the BMW 745Le xDrive getting 118-105mpg. A regenerative braking system is integrated into the designs to generate and store extra energy during braking and coasting too. 

BMW have made efforts with the integration of this system to minimise impact on internal space and storage. The high-capacity battery is located under the seats and the fuel tank is above the rear axle, meaning there's still plenty of boot space. 

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All driving modes can be selected and tweaked from the iDrive menu built into the newly designed instrument panel. By summer this year, there are also plans to improve this system to include data on nearby charging stations and information on their occupancy. This will give drivers the ability to plan their route but also to have a much more convenient long-range journey. 

The new hybrid BMW 7 Series vehicles will be on sale from Spring 2019 with prices starting from £76,815.

Writing by Adrian Willings.