(Pocket-lint) - BMW and Porsche have shown off a new EV charging prototype that is able to charge your electric car in under 15 minutes.

The new charging station, which is available for consumers to use if they need a recharge and are near German town Jettingen-Scheppach, could be the answer to widespread adoption of electric cars much more quickly than expected.

Rather than hours to charge an electric car, it means drivers could charge their car quickly. In a test with a Porsche research car, the consortium was able to deliver enough charge to drive 100km in 3 minutes. That's just as quick as the same time it takes most of us to fill up a tank of fuel.

When tested with a production ready BMW i3, the charger was able to charge the car's battery in 15 minutes.

"At this ultra-fast charging station, electrically powered research vehicles created as part of the project are able to demonstrate charging times of less than three minutes for the first 100 kilometres of range or 15 minutes for a full charge (10-80 per cent State of Charge (SOC))," explained BMW in statement.

The research project, which involves BMW and Porsche amongst others, is currently free to use and will work for electric models of all brands with the Type 2 version of the Combined Charging System. That includes the BMW i3 and the Volkswagen e-Golf.

In comparison a Tesla Model S charging at one of the company's SuperCharger stations takes 40 minutes to reach 80 per cent charge.

The increase in charging capacity up to 450 kW, which is between three and nine times the capacity available at DC fast-charging stations to date,  enables a substantial reduction in charging times. Its charging capacity automatically adapts to the maximum permitted charging capacity on the vehicle side.

Writing by Stuart Miles.