(Pocket-lint) - BMW could be one of the, if not the, first car manufacturer to introduce a wireless charging solution for the 530e iPerformance in 2018.

Appropriately called BMW Wireless Charging, the system will comprise a base plate that would be installed in your garage or driveway. The base plate will have a primary coil fitted inside, and a secondary coil will be installed in the floor of the 530e.

A magnetic alternating field will be generated between the two coils and the car will recharge via induction. BMW says the output will be up to 3.2kW.

It's not clear if current 530e iPerformance cars can have the technology retrofitted.

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BMW says the inductive charging plate will be able to fully recharge the 530e iPerformance in 3.5 hours and the built-in iDrive system will help you manoeuvre the car into the correct position over the plate by way of a visual representation of the car's position on the screen.

The wireless charging option will be available for slightly more than the current $900 asking price for BMW's i Wallbox Pro charging solution, although a fixed price has yet to be confirmed.

BMW has said the wireless charging method will be made available for its other electric vehicles, including the 330e, 740e, i8 and i8 Spyder shortly after the 530e launches.

Writing by Max Langridge.