What you're looking at might appear to be a super-cool revamped version of the Batmobile for 2015 (and we're talking 1960s Adam West era here), but BMW isn't in the process of making one of those (well, not that we know of). No, this is a modified BMW i8 with hydrogen fuel cell technology at its core – as shown off at BMW's Miramas proving ground in Marseille, France.

As part of a hydrogen fuel cell driving day we got to sit behind the wheel of a 5 Series GT hydrogen concept, which we've written about in more detail for those curious about the technology itself, its positives and the pitfalls, how it feels to drive, and whether it's a viable green future technology.

But the car that continued to grab our attention was this concept; an i8 stripped of its typical all-electric setup, replaced with a hydrogen and electric combination. We didn't get to drive it, sadly, but as you can see from our on-track pictures, it's a fully functional supercar.

Well, more super-ish-car, as the combined torque of electric motor boost coupled with hydrogen fuel cell (which charges the electric, so no need to plug-in) isn't going to touch on the equivalent speeds of the proper, road-ready i8 (read our first drive here). But at least you could stick Robin in the passenger seat to make up for it.

This concept looks considerably different to that car too, complete with a considerable dip in the front bonnet to make way for the air vents required in the design, along with a more angular body kit for this track-test concept.

We think it looks rather pow!, bang!, wallop! Take a flick through our pictures gallery above to see all the details for yourself.