(Pocket-lint) - BMW hasn't been shy of showing off some of its techy treats recently. We've reported on fancy keyfobs, remote parking and plenty more over the past 12 months. Well, they've all found a home IRL in the new BMW 7 Series.

BMW boasts that this is the first car to actually offer remote parking. This isn't just parking assist when sitting behind the wheel, but bone fide control from the keyfob.

That means you can be outside the car and have it park itself, or reverse out of the space. (We suspect functionality will differ based on local legislation relating to vehicle remote control.) 

Sound familiar? Well perhaps that's because the BMW 7 Series starred in Tomorrow Never Dies, and you guessed it, was driven by remote control around a car park. In the new 7 Series, however, you have an advanced keyfob with a touchscreen rather than a massive Ericsson mobile phone. 


There are no missiles on the roof for James Bond to play with, but there are Laserlights. They don't melt SPECTRE agents, instead the lasers illuminate out to a distance of 600 metres with an anti-dazzle feature, so it doesn't blind oncoming drivers. 

There are more fancy features. When the door is opened, an LED light carpet will illuminate a path outside the car, so you can see what you're about to step on. 

In the drivers seat there's gesture recognition. You'll be able to answer the phone with a wave of the hand, or skip tracks, thanks to 3d recognition by the iDrive infotainment system. 

There might not be caltrops in the boot, but just like the BMW in Tomorrow Never Dies, there's a collision avoidance system.

If you happen to have M in the backseat, there's plenty of refinement too. Aside from the moonroof that simulates a starry sky above you, there's control of the car's functions from a 7-inch tablet, with two 10-inch tablets for entertainment, so you can watch Spooks on Netflix as you race down the M4.


The seats also have a massage function, so you can have tired muscles worked as you ride in the back. There will be inductive charging points to make sure your smartphone is always topped up, a Bowers & Wilkins sound system and the list goes on. 

There will be a range of engine options, with four- and six-cylinder diesels, an advanced V8 that will get you to 62mph in 4.4 seconds, as well as a plug-in hybrid option in the future.

We'll bring you a full rundown of BMW's new luxury saloon as soon as we can get one from Q Branch.

Writing by Chris Hall.