BMW has announced details for its new 7 Series car including remote parking from outside the car and gesture controls within.

The BMW announcement makes the 7 Series the first luxury car in the world that can be parked from outside the vehicle, says BMW. This is done using BMW's LCD touchscreen keyfob – yes just like James Bond. But unlike Bond you won't need to steer the car as it'll do all the literal ins and outs of parking automatically.

The remote parking assistant will work both for spaces as well as for garage parking.

BMW also showed off its new gesture controlled infotainment system. This should remove the need to find buttons on the sound system while driving. Gesture controls make driving safer as adjusting things like volume or rejecting calls simply takes a swipe near the dash.

But it's not all about gadgets as BMW has, of course, enhanced the drive too. Powering the new 7 Series will be a twin-turbocharged inline-six engine with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The car will offer adaptive air suspension for a sporty of comfy ride as needed. BMW has also created the frame partially out of carbon fibre to bring the weight down by nearly 130kg – this is similar to the Carbon Core found in the i Series.

The new BMW 7 Series will also feature a Lane Departure Warning Assistant and Active Cruise Control.

BMW has not revealed the final design of the new 7 Series yet so don't expect it to appear anytime soon, certainly not until nearer its 2016 release.

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