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(Pocket-lint) - BMW could be working with Apple on its next in-car operating system for its i3.

This follows numerous rumours that Apple is developing its own Apple car.

An interview with BMW in German car magazine Auto Motor Sport suggested the car manufacturer was developing a car with Apple, which was later denied by BMW via Reuters. But BMW did confirm it was having "regular talks" with Apple on "topics like connected vehicles" – when asked if that was for an Apple OS a "no comment" response was offered despite flat out denying the previous Apple Car question.

BMW has already shown off intelligent car smarts with its i8 fob that reads out data from the car like battery capacity and mileage. Auto Motor Sport suggests the new Apple OS would allow the car to communicate and exchange data like fuel consumption and movement data with an iPhone, the Apple Watch, iPad and Mac.

Tim Cook said, in a recent Telegraph interview, that the Apple Watch could be used to replace a car key fob. Apple has hired plenty of automotive specialists suggesting it is working on something more expansive than CarPlay. Apple also revealed the BMW i Remote App for Apple Watch which works like the phone version showing car data, but not yet being used as a key replacement.

Rumours have pointed towards Apple taking control of the centre console in cars but is often met with skepticism at the thought of manufacturers giving away that much control to a third-party.

Despite doubt Apple Car rumours haven't stopped. Could this all just be CarPlay development or will we see a Mac operating system running a BMW i3 soon? We hope so and look forward to seeing it arrive as an update for current i3 owners and in newer models as standard.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.