Bang & Olufsen has previously teamed up with Audi and Aston Martin, but now the company is revealing the "most successful model" to come from its long partnership with BMW.

B&O and BMW have introduced a new BMW 6 Series model, equipped with B&O’s high-end surround sound system, which includes 16 active loudspeakers (seven tweeters, seven midrange drivers, and two subwoofers), 1200 watts of maximum output (500w dedicated to the two subs), and 5.1 surround sound with DSP distribution.

The system also offers two sound modes, called Studio and Expanded, for reproducing authentic sounds and widening the sound stage, respectively. Other features include the system's ability to adjust performance to external and internal noise via an on-board microphone used with its Vehicle Noise Compensation technology.

The system's drivers even boast 180-degree dispersion, thanks to B&O's patented Acoustic Lens Technology. Apart from sound, B&O highlighted the system's aluminium speaker grilles that are "superbly crafted, precisely drilled". They sport a Floating Frame design, integrated LED lighting, and an engraved B&O logo.

We're not sure about pricing, but you can check out B&O's website to arrange a test drive.

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