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(Pocket-lint) - This BMW concept not only redesigns the car, but the way cars work. Rather than buying one vehicle users will be served by a colony of cars that go from person to person picking up and dropping off, autonomously.

The music industry has changed to offer subscription services like Spotify, rather than buying individual tracks. In the same way car owners will subscribe to a service, served by many vehicles, rather than buying one car.

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The BMW Honeycomb concept cars are small so individuals travel alone, after calling the car using their smartphones. When on the road the vehicles can travel in close-knit groups allowing up to four cars in a lane to take up as much room as one normal sized car.

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The BMW Honeycomb cars will be totally autonomous so users are picked up, as with a taxi, and taken to their locations without having to do anything. The vehicle drops the user off then either goes to pick up another user nearby or returns to a dock for charging.

The concept is just that right now - an idea - from a company called Fenoria. While these might not be planned by car companies for a long time, this is a great way to start thinking about the future of driving.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.