Like Kit from Knight Rider the BMW i3 could soon be taking commands from a wrist watch, specifically the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Using the BMW i3's Remote Application, which is connected via a SIM, the Galaxy Gear can not only display vital car information, but can even control it remotely.

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Information that can be viewed on the Gear includes the battery status and driving range, status of the doors, windows and sunroof, plus notifications of service or inspection needs.

Our favourite feature is the watch's ability to work the car's climate control system. Imagine getting ready to head out to the car on a cold day and activating the heating so when you step in it's already toasty. You can even do this using voice commands, just like Michael Knight.

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You will also be able to send address destinations directly to the car so you can navigate there using the built-in navigation system immediately.

The BMW i3 with Galaxy Gear control is on display at CES 2014 now.