(Pocket-lint) - Real-time car traffic start-up Inrix has partnered with BMW to introduce the first in-car intermodal navigation system that integrates local public transport connections into trip planning.

Called Intermodal Navigation, the service will debut in BMW's new i3 and i8 electric vehicles as part of the BMW ConnectedDrive system. BMW called both models the "world's first fully-networked electrically powered cars", as they provide a "robust system of intelligence for sharing information between the vehicle, its driver and the outside world".

Inrix's Intermodal Navigation is just one aspect of the cars' robust system of intelligence. It notably looks at real-time traffic conditions, then lets you know if alternative modes of transportation are faster. This is especially useful when major delays have occurred on routes. In addition, if you select an alternative mode, the service will provide turn-by-turn directions to the nearest public transport station in time for the next departure.

Beyond providing navigation and schedules for stations in 17 countries, Inrix also supplies BMW ConnectedDrive with energy management services. Specifically, Inrix's EV services help drivers determine available range from their current location. It will also identify and serve up directions to available charging locations.

Initially introduced in select 2011 vehicles, Inrix aims to help drivers save "time, fuel, and avoid frustration with the fastest routes, travel times and alerts to accidents and other incidents". Other features within the company's EV and Intermodal Navigation services include topography data and specifics relating to location, operating hours, number of connectors, supported plug types and voltage as well as availability.

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BMW will show off Inrix's Intermodal Navigation alongside the i3 and i8 with BMW Connected Drive at the 2014 CES tradeshow in Las Vegas.

Writing by Elyse Betters.