(Pocket-lint) - Napster has announced that its music-streaming service is now available to BMW car owners with ConnectedDrive.

BMW ConnectedDrive is an in-car system that allows connection to all manner of internet services. The car, such as the new electric BMW i3, has a SIM card installed which will drag information from the cloud for many key features and dedicated apps. It also works in tandem with an iPhone, and this is where Napster comes in. With an iPhone hooked up though USB or a snap-in adapter, subscribers to the music-streaming provider can access all of the 20 million-plus tracks it has available.

Parent company Rhapsody has already successfully launched for ConnectedDrive in the States.

"This partnership with BMW ConnectedDrive is a great example of how we are committed to making Napster accessible everywhere our members enjoy music," said Patric Niederländer, a vicepresident at Rhapsody International. "It is a huge benefit to our members to have one central way to access music from their favourite artists, hand-built playlists or curated lists for every road trip from Napster's in-house editorial team directly from the iDrive controller."

A Napster subscription costs £10 a month. Users can also listen to tracks through their smartphones, tablets, computers and other key forms of AV tech.

Writing by Rik Henderson.