(Pocket-lint) - BMW has created a new Performance sports steering wheel with a display built into the top of the rim to give you the latest information while you drive.

Available for 3 Series Sedan, Touring, Coupe, and Convertible models - although you might be asking, isn't that what the dashboard is for - BMW has created the steering will to give you up-to-the-minute data that little bit closer to your eyes, especially if you like to head to the track. 

Incorporating one organic and two conventional LEDs, it gives drivers access to a variety of efficiency and motorsport-related functions.

These are operated via buttons conveniently located in the thumb-rest areas. A choice of three modes is available – ECO, Sport and Race. In all three modes, the LEDs can be used to inform drivers of the optimum shift point.

In ECO mode, they can also help facilitate a more economical driving style. Sport mode includes a stopwatch, a current fuel consumption display, and a g-meter showing and recording momentary acceleration. Race mode incorporates a lap timer with various split-time and memory functions. 

Race mode also allows a variety of acceleration times to be measured, such as the time taken to reach 100 km/h from a standing start or for the American quarter-mile sprint.

Radiator temperature is shown in all three modes, as is the oil temperature in the case of petrol engines.

Writing by Stuart Miles.