Keeping your kids quiet in the back of the car on a long road trip can be a Herculean task - trust us we know.

Then back in April Apple launched the iPad and all was good in the world when it came to watching the latest episode of SpongeBob Squarepants or Shaun the Sheep in the car on long journeys.

Great, yet it created a new problem: where to put it.

Leave it in the kids' lap and they touch it pausing the video, seconds later the screams start; get out the bungee cords and you've got a cabin that looks a mess.

In steps BMW clearly seeing this as a problem that will stop you wanting to buy their cars in the future.

It's answer?

A factory integrated system for the rear seats of some of its luxury vehicles for the Apple iPad.

The offering, judging by the picture, allows the iPad to be mounted on the back of the headrest either in landscape mode as you would a portable DVD player, as well as portrait mode if you are typing or playing.

Either way the big difference is that it looks professional.

BMW already has a factory docking system for the iPhone that puts it on the dash in front, but it's good to see BMW thinking of other devices other than just a GPS system that requires you to buy maps every 6 months on a CD.

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