Bentley is now including an iPad Air with keyboard built into the back of its Mulsanne cars. As part of an advert, it shot and edited the entire project on an iPhone 5S and the Mulsanne's iPad Air.

The advert was shot using the iPhone 5S with the FiLMiC Pro app recording in black and white. It was then edited from the back of the Bentley Mulsanne using the iPad Air with apps like iMovie and Photos.

The end result is a really clear and professional grade video. Obviously mounts and other kit were used to add to the quality. But really the only way to spot it was shot on an iPhone was the flicker on the Bentley's LED lights or the odd shot where it gets a little dark when pointed at sunlight.

bentley ad shot entirely on iphone 5s and edited in the back of a bentley mulsanne image 2

The Bentley Mulsanne hides the iPad and keyboard in the "picnic tables" found on the back of the front two chairs. A touch of a button and the unit opens up, connected via onboard Wi-Fi, for instant use. The iPad can charge from the car when the ignition is turned on and is fully detachable should a user wish to take it with them.

The Bentley Mulsanne is available now - if you've got a spare £230,000.

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