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(Pocket-lint) - The BBC has announced a brand new version of its iPlayer Radio app, designed specifically for use in the car when connected to an Android Auto or Apple CarPlay system.

The new app, available to download now, has been designed to make it easy to find and discover new radio shows, as well as storing favourites to listen to on demand. While the new app can be accessed solely through an Android Auto or Apple CarPlay interface, it's also an extension of the mobile version of the app.

The app is split into four sections: Following, Listen Later, Stations and Downloads. Following gives you instant access to all of the BBC's radio shows and series. It's also this section that expands on the mobile app. In the mobile version, you can add programmes and stations to follow and they will then automatically appear in the in-car version, so you don't need to go searching for them again.

Listen Later allows just that. You can add shows to a personalised playlist to they're stored and ready to listen to at a later date. You can also download shows to listen to in areas where signal may not be great, such as in tunnels or more rural areas, these are stored in the Downloads section.

Finally, Stations is home to all of the BBC's national and local radio stations across the UK.

When you're listening to a show or a series, you can easily skip to the next episode or forwards and backwards by 20 seconds using the simple touch interface. If you're listening through an Android Auto system then you can even use your voice to control playback. CarPlay users have to rely solely on touch.

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The Android version of the iPlayer Radio car app can be accessed via the Android Auto app for phones running Android 5.0 or higher, or an Android Auto head unit. If you have an iPhone then you'll have to make sure your car has a built-in CarPlay infotainment system or aftermarket head unit installed.

Writing by Max Langridge.