Audi has unveiled its new TT Roadster – and the good news is that it looks even better than the coupé and it’s choca with technology. This thing even has magnetic suspension.

Like the coupé, the new Roadster has an advanced hybrid Audi Space Frame (ASF) body shell made up of s 58% aluminium and 42% steel blend that keeps weight down but limits flex thus providing what is promised to be a fantastic ride. Amazingly, the four-cylinder version weighs just 1295kg, and yet the rigidity of the chassis has doubled.

The Roadster keeps its cloth roof, dispelling rumours once and for all that Audi would be launching a folding hard-top variant. Audi boffins have added a layer of soundproofing, though, and it has a heated glass rear window. Handily, the roof can be operated at up to 30mph, and it takes just 12 seconds to operate. That’s still slower than a Honda S2000, but quicker than all the rest.

Engine choice in the new TT Roadster will be limited to the 2.0-litre Turbo FSI (205bhp and front-wheel drive) and 3.2-litre V6 (255bhp and four-wheel drive). You get a six-speed manual ‘box as standard on both, while the S tronic twin-clutch auto is an option.

There’s also new suspension and a cool-sounding magnetic ride system is available as an optional extra. The system’s dampers are filled with something called magnetorheological fluid, which contains tiny magnetic particles that can be influenced by an electromagnetic field. By applying a voltage to the system’s electromagnets, the viscosity of the fluid is altered, increasing resistance to temper pitch and roll when necessary. Hmmm ... wonder if I can get that fitted to my Focus?