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(Pocket-lint) - Audi's just released a whole trove of information and images around an electric vehicle concept that it's calling the Skysphere. It's core, and fairly crazy, idea is that the car can extend itself into a different shape depending on whether you want a roadster or grand tourer experience.

The Skysphere has a fairly futuristic look, as you'd expect from an electric concept, and that's backed up by the feature, which in theory would have the driver touching a button to prompt the car to extend its wheelbase by 9.8-inches and dropping its height by 0.4 inches to give it a more cruising-happy feel.

AudiAudi Skysphere electric concept looks magnificent photo 2

The car is certainly sleek and low-profile, but it's hiding plenty of power thanks to a 623-horsepower electric motor paired with a 80-kWh battery, which add up to a 0-60MPH speed of just four seconds, which isn't exactly a slouch's time.

That telescoping body is the real key, though, and while it might be more than a little unrealistic, that's what concepts are for. As well as changing how the car would feel to drive, it also opens up aerodnyamic for roadster driving that are then closed off when you're in GT mode, so there's more than just showiness to it.

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AudiAudi Skysphere electric concept looks magnificent photo 3

Of course, these concepts rarely make it to market other than in a highly watered-down form, so we wouldn't expect to be driving a changeable car anytime soon, but it's nonetheless a pretty interesting glimpse into Audi's thinking.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 11 August 2021.