(Pocket-lint) - The latest Audi Q5 comes with some interesting rear-light technology that can change signature depending on the situation and even brighten when other cars get too close when it is still.

Using OLED panel tech, the new tail lights can be customised by drivers when they first buy the car - with a choice of three signatures available.

Then, when in the "dynamic" Audi drive mode, the lamps switch to another signature.

Lighting animations can also be activated for different scenarios, such as leaving or arriving at your home.

The lights can also brighten when other cars approach from the rear while the Q5 is stationary, such as when you are waiting at traffic lights. There are 18 OLED segments per lamp, and they are able to all be activated at once when another road user is detected up to two metres away.

The car will switch to a standard lighting signature as soon as it is moving again.

"Up to now, we have been using OLED segmentation with the Audi TT RS and A8 for designing signature lighting. This has changed with the Q5," said Audi's OLED technology project manager, Dr Werner Thomas.

"Here the tail lights turn into a kind of display on the outer shell, which will provide us with ample opportunities and prospects in terms of design, personalisation, communication and safety going forward."

Writing by Rik Henderson.