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(Pocket-lint) - Audi has revealed the AI:ME - a concept compact car using its eTron-derived tech.

The new vehicle - which follows on from Audi's 2017 Alcon concept - has been previewed at the Shanghai Motor Show this week.

It includes level 4 autonomy, which basically means it can drive itself from A to B on main roads or in urban areas - though it still retains all the controls a driver would need to take over. 

AudiAudis AIME mini-eTron concept is a little stunner image 8

The car is designed as a small car, but it has a wheelbase of 2.8 metres which puts its overall size firmly in the Audi A3 class. The interior is sizable and there is space for more than two passengers in the front should you want.

Audi says 'interior first' vehicles will be more of a priority as cars start to transition from things we drive to things we sit in as the car drives itself. 

AudiAudis AIME mini-eTron concept is a little stunner image 3

The 125kW power unit is powered by a 65kWh battery but Audi says a car like the AI:ME is designed for conveying passengers over long distances and it will rarely drive flat out, instead of managing acceleration and deceleration for maximum operating time. 

AudiAudis AIME mini-eTron concept is a little stunner image 5

As you'd expect there's a great deal of tech on board this vehicle and things are operated by eye-tracking, voice and touch. There's a multifunctional OLED display running below the entire length of the windscreen.

VR goggles are also supplied on board, though we're a little alarmed by how our body would feel about VR gaming while zooming along the M4.

However, Audi did demonstrate its Holoride system at CES 2019 where the vehicle’s own movement can be detected and then integrated into a game. Interesting indeed. 

Writing by Dan Grabham. Originally published on 16 April 2019.