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(Pocket-lint) - Audi has been teasing its e-tron SUV for some time now, but there's one thing the German car-maker was keen to shout about at its e-tron Brand Summit in San Francisco: this is just the beginning. Here's what to expect of the all-electric platform by 2025:

e-tron GT

With the LA Motor Show 2018 on the horizon, Audi will show off the e-tron GT in full. The best glimpse you have for now is the main picture of this very article.

The GT is no secret, with Audi Sport revealing that the car - which uses the same PPE platform as the Porsche Mission E (officially known as the forthcoming Taycan) - is due on the road for 2021.

The e-tron GT will end up falling in direct competition with Tesla's Roadster... well, assuming the American company can get its production in check. Expect a similar price tag too, in the region of £80k.

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7 new all-electric SUVs

The real drive, however, is the focus on new SUVs: by 2025 Audi will have another 12 Q-series SUVs on the road, seven on which will be all-electric. The other five will have some form of electrification, whether as a mild hybrid or plug-in hybrid.

Of course Audi already has a wide SUV range - there's the Q2, Q3, Q5, Q7 and Q8 - so that's the first five of those seven which will almost certainly receive the all-electric treatment.

That doesn't include US/China-specific models, either, with the latter country having at least one specific all-electric model tailored for its market. We suspect that won't happen until Audi has a full-on Chinese production platform, to avoid the tax issues with import into China.

e-tron Sportback

Announced in April 2018, the e-tron Sportback will be an even meatier, more powerful rear-squashed version of the e-tron SUV.

Audi is being pretty tight-lipped about this for the time being, only saying that 'there will be an indication next year (2019)', when it's expected to be available in Europe. Read that as 2020 for the US.

Porsche PPE platform collaboration

Standing for Premium Platform Electric, the Audi-Porsche collaboration platform is designed to cater for many styles of cars. At present, Audi is targeting flat floor (i.e. the GT) and high-floor (i.e. the e-tron SUV), but both design forms can be catered for with this PPE platform. That'll mean a glut of other all-electric cars and, of course, even more from Porsche too.

There are exciting all-electric times ahead...

Writing by Mike Lowe. Originally published on 17 September 2018.