Electric cars are becoming a greater norm, but when it comes to supercars there are few to none. And the Audi PB 18 E-Tron is striking enough to make you forget about the Rimac or Tesla Roadster.

The PB 18 E-Tron was originally unveiled in August 2018 at the Pebble Beach Car Week (which is where its 'PB' name comes from), but we witnessed the car at Audi's E-Tron Brand Summit, where the German brand went all-out to showcase its forthcoming E-Tron SUV. 

And we suspect this is the groundwork for a distant all-electric R8 of the future. There's no V10 engine in this concept car, of course, instead it's powered by a trio of 201hp electric motors: one for the front wheels and two individual ones for each rear wheel, combining for over 600hp.

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There's a turbo boost option, too, which can temporarily hit 764hp for a 0-62mph acceleration in just over 2 seconds. Now that's quick.

Inside the car there's a centrally positioned seat, designed to put the driver in full control. Fascinatingly, however, this seat can slide over to make room for a passenger seat.

Audi has been talking about autonomous tech and its pursuit of Level 5 autonomy for a number of years. The PB 18 is the antithesis to this: it's a Level 0 car, i.e. no autonomy, putting the driver in full control, making it all about the thrill of the drive.

With electric cars comes range anxiety, but the PB 18 E-Tron will feature a 95kWh battery, capable of 310 miles per charge. And an 800V charging system means it can be topped back up in a mere 15 minutes. How about that for battery tech of the future?

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Right now, of course, all of this is just concept. One that brings togeter some great ideas and stunning design (except for that bizarre looking rear lip overhang).