Pocket-lint is no stranger to electric vehicles. We got hands-on with the Nissan Leaf ahead of its UK launch last year, and also took the £1.6 million Citroën Survolt up Goodwood Hill as part of the Festival of Speed this summer.

But we've never seen anything quite like the Audi Urban concept car that's just been revealed at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show. Actually, we have seen something like it - the car that Homer invented for Herb in the classic Simpsons episode; Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Yep, it's fugly as hell - but we still kind of like it.

There's only room for two people inside (and there's only room for two due to the staggered seats) and the second passenger has to climb in via the exaggerated sun-roof.

Weighing in at less around 480kg, we get the feeling that this is more an electric bike dressed up in car clothes. It is powered by two electric motors with a power output of of 20 horsepower (15 kW and 47 Nm of torque) which are being fed by a lithium ion battery weighting around 90kg.

This means a top speed of 62mph and a 0-60mph time of 16.9 seconds.

According to its makers, the Audi Urban concept "combines elements of a racecar, a roadster, a fun car and a city car into a radical new concept" and "is a vehicle that cannot be pigeonholed, a vehicle that redefines the term 'driving pleasure' and is completely unencumbered by the baggage of conventional concepts."

It's definitely unconventional, we'll give them that. No release plans as of yet - and we don't expect that to change.