Have you always wanted to own an Aston Martin? Well, that dream might be closer to reality than you'd think.

The luxury car marque has announced it is to launch a £20k motor for the "urban traveller", a far cry from the £100k or so usually required to get the keys for an Aston.

The Cygnet, described as a "new luxury commuter concept" will offer Aston Martin luxury design in a car based on the Toyota iQ.

Apparently the first time Toyota has entered in to an OEM agreement, the two car company's bosses are said to have hit it off at the Nurburgring 24-hour race, where they shared garage facilities.

"Small is beautiful these days", Ulrich Bez, the CEO of Aston Martin said. "We have to move on from the preconceived ideas regarding what Aston Martin is about".