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(Pocket-lint) - Aston Martin has been working on upgrading the humble rearview mirror with one that's capable of showing off three video feeds at once.

The idea here is a simple one, the classic rearview mirror is being upgraded and replaced with a so-called Full Display Mirror that can display three separate feeds at the same time. That display can then show the traditional rear view of the road, alongside two smaller visions showing off vehicle's blind spots. 

Having a video display as a rearview mirror is not a new thing, but it is the first time Aston Martin has offered such tech in its cars. The new Full Display Mirror has been developed with US automotive parts company Gentex Corporation and is apparently going to be shown off at CES soon.

The prototype of the Full Display Mirror is set to be demonstrated using an Aston Martin DBS Superleggera. The cameras for that display are built into both wing mirrors and the roof of the vehicle.

If you're wondering what happens if the cameras malfunction or are obscured by bad weather, you'll be pleased to hear that the display can also be used as a more traditional auto-dimming mirror.

This new system, also referred to as a camera monitoring system (CMS) is seen as a hybrid technology as it combines both cameras and traditional interior and exterior mirrors. It's designed this way specifically to "meet automaker, driver, safety and global regulatory requirements."

It's also clever enough to adjust the digital view on the interior screen if you adjust the position of the external mirrors. Automatically optimising the display to get the best field-of-view. 

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We'll hopefully find out more about this display and when it's rolling out next week. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.