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(Pocket-lint) - Aston Martin is working hard to create the fastest car the world has ever seen with the catchy name AM-RB 001.

That name encompasses the company's partnership with F1 Red Bull Racing. The result of this is the Aston logo on the F1 car for the 2016 season, which says a lot about how closely the two are working together. It also helps show just how advanced the tech in this new road-legal hypercar will be.

Officially Aston says it will be "about spectacular beauty, aerodynamic efficiency, advanced technology and getting around a race track in a fast but elegant way." Unofficially it's aiming to beat the Bugatti Chiron for the fastest road-car top speed and quickest 0-60mph time. It wants to smash the Nürburgring lap record with this wonder car.

It's early days for "Project Nebula" as the AM-RB 001 is called. As such there have only been designs created. We say only, but in reality breaking these new barriers of speed are going to be about lots of maths and planning, no doubt.

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The early image released, above, shows the car is going to be heavily focused on aerodynamics and will, potentially, feature a mid-engine design.

Aston says it will be showing off a physical model of the car later this year.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.