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(Pocket-lint) - Aston Martin has officially taken the wraps of its all electric RapidE sports car, and it looks gorgeous.

Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer, speaking to Autocar, said there will initially be a model released with 550bhp but suggested a super sport version with up to 1,000bhp will follow.

The first Aston Martin RapidE is expected to be released in two years time, initially in China. The development of the car is jointly being done with Chinese tech firm LeEco. This initial 550bhp rear-wheel drive model should manage 200 miles of range.

The RapidE supercar, with up to 1,000bhp, will have a shorter range but will be driven by four electric motors to achieve all wheel drive handling, torque and speed. This project won't be developed, let alone released, until after the first 550bhp rear-wheel drive model has been unleashed in two years.

The style of the RapidE is very similar to the current V12 Rapide S. The difference can be seen under the bonnet where the Williams developed electronics live. The badge is also varied with a blue colour added.

The Aston Martin RapidE is expected to go on sale from £200,000 with plans to build 400 cars a year. So not a direct competitor to the Tesla Model S P85D then, but likely a sought after car nonetheless.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.