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(Pocket-lint) - Tesla may have got a head start on electric supercars but now Aston Martin has confirmed it's joining the race. The Aston Martin Rapide should be an 800hp electric supercar, due soon.

Speaking to Automotive News, Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer revealed the all-electric Rapide should begin production in two years time. It should have the looks of the current four-door Rapide model.

This should be followed by an all-electric DBX, a four-door all wheel drive crossover coupe. This will first be released as a plug-in hybrid, then petrol and finally all electric.

While exact power specs weren't confirmed, Martin did specify what he wants to see in the electric Rapide. Specifically he mentions 800hp, all-wheel drive and a 200-mile range.

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Speaking about the competition in Tesla, Palmer said: "What Tesla clearly shows you is we haven’t hit the ceiling in terms of price. But I think it’s hard, though not impossible, for them as a relatively new brand to keep pushing up and to go into that super premier area."

Palmer hinted that the electric Aston Martin Rapide would be between $200,000 and $250,000 which is about £128,000 to £160,000.

The electric Rapide will use batteries from an established supplier like LG or Samsung, but not Panasonic. There should be hundreds of cars produced each year.

Speaking about Tesla's new Ludicrous Mode that does 0-60mph in 2.8 seconds, Palmer said: "We don’t do ludicrous because ludicrous speed is stupid. I think that the fact that you could drive a few laps of a decent race course or race it around the Nordschleife is much more interesting than doing 500 meters in Ludicrous mode."

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Writing by Luke Edwards.