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(Pocket-lint) - Apple Carplay is getting a brand new look and focus.

Taking design inspiration from WatchOS, it seems, the new look uses widgets and even spreads across the entire dashboard, if the manufacturer allows.

Apple hopes that it will eventually power your entire instrument cluster - including the MPH gauge and other dashboard instruments. In addition, you will be able to select different types of tiles to display, including weather, even smart home functions to instantly see important information while driving.

You can also choose Apple Maps to run on the behind-wheel screen as the background to the dials, while fuel information (or battery details) can be set aside as separate widgets.

The new Apple Carplay will be formally launched in 2023. We're not quite sure yet as to how backward compatible it will be with existing Carplay-enabled vehicles, although Apple claims that over 90 per cent of all cars now made in the US support the current version, so we'd expect the company to make efforts to have at least a version of it running across them.

Hopefully, it'll also encourage app developers to introduce Carplay support to their apps. A number of essential ones already do, but we've found several we'd love to see incorporated.

Writing by Rik Henderson.