(Pocket-lint) - Apple introduced CarPlay Dashboard in iOS 13, allowing drivers to see a more convenient split screen view of navigation, turn-by-turn directions and media controls.

Originally, CarPlay Dashboard only supported Apple Maps, though after iOS 13.4 allowed third party developers to add support, Google Maps appeared and now it looks like Waze is coming.

According to MacRumors, some of its forum users have said Waze has now been integrated within the Dashboard feature. The users also said the update appears to introduce in-app lane guidance too.

The support means drivers will no longer have to switch between the Waze navigation app and media controls, with everything accessed from the split screen Dashboard instead. Previously, if you wanted to use Waze and Spotify for example, you'd have to open the apps separately on the CarPlay interface and switch between them. 

Presumably, the feature is rolling out so if you get in your car today, launch Waze and it doesn't appear on the Dashboard, it will likely arrive in the coming weeks. Make sure you have the latest version of Waze downloaded from the App Store.

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Writing by Britta O'Boyle.