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(Pocket-lint) - Apple is apparently keeping very close tabs on its Apple Car autonomous vehicle tech project. It will also look to control the entire integration of its technology within a vehicle, but the jury still seems to be out as to whether it would make the actual car itself or partner with someone else to integrate its technology.

That's according to a research note from analysts Adam Jonas and Katy Huberty at Morgan Stanley. Jonas is well-known for his work in the auto sector.

Most of the note focused on Tesla, but there are a few interesting bits and pieces about Apple. While it was long-rumoured that it was working on a car, this effort has increasingly revealed itself to be autonomous tech that could be deployed in vehicles from other manufacturers. 

"The end game can't just be a more advanced version of CarPlay in partnership with other auto makers," Huberty said. "They need to control the design, the guts and the experiences and services on top of the platform."

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Also according to the note, Apple will spend nearly $19 billion on research and development this year, equating to around a fifth of the total R&D spend across the auto industry. After all, while many parts of the auto industry are having to watch their pennies, Apple is highly cash rich. 

The note also comments how Apple probably believes it can positively impact the auto industry.

Writing by Dan Grabham.