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(Pocket-lint) - Apple is still working on autonomous vehicle tech - but with an Apple Car unlikely, how will we see its work in vehicles? 

We know that Apple is still keen on autonomous movement because it has just bought Drive.ai, a startup that's been running pilot programs of autonomous vehicles in Texas. 


Apple is no stranger to acquisitions, of course - from Shazam to Beats to Siri - and often makes moves for companies it sees as having potential.

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The move means Apple has recruited "dozens of Drive.ai engineers" according to Axios. The site also says Drive.ai has ceased its own operations but that Apple now has Drive.ai's fleet of autonomous cars and other assets.

However, there is also a report that Drive.ai also had to make a lot of layoffs in California, so it doesn't appear that all of the workers are moving to Apple. The company has reportedly been trying to sell itself to potential suitors for most of this year. 

Apple seems to have been working on some kind of autonomous vehicle for many years and in March it hired Tesla's head of electric powertrains Michael Schwekutsch. This seems to indicate that it intends to launch some kind of electric vehicle in the next few years.

Writing by Dan Grabham.